Define standard production rateSet the standard

It all comes down to standards, providing consistency and improved customer satisfaction.

C4 Software provides the tools to set the standards for your organization by providing easy to use templates that form a solid foundation.


Many organizations struggle apply data consistently. The structure is frequently not strict enough to provide necessary flexibility to adapt to requirements or so loose that the structure of a system quickly erodes

  • Unique tasks

    The type of service to be performed is driven by the user not by the organization or system

  • Random frequencies

    Frequencies of service are not consistent with need and driven by the person preparing the spec not the organization

  • Guesstimated production rates

    How much can be performed set by  best guess not best practice


C4 software address these concerns using templates. Templates provide the user with the information they need tasks, frequencies of service and recommended production rates to ensure system integrity. The template as so allows the user the flexibility to adjust to meet the unique needs of a client while maintaing the system.


The result is a high structured system that can be setup quickly and easily with reduced training time required.


  • Ensure standardized task assignment
  • Reduce productivity calculation errors
  • Streamline setup time
  • Reduce training requirements

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