Team Cleaning Job card

Team Cleaning Job cardColor coded workflow maps

The challenge of keeping staff on task and on time is never easy. Clear easy to follow instructions can easy the burden.

Job cards provide the  who, when, where and what of daily workflow for staff. It is the simple guide to keep  everyone on the team working  toward success.


Keeping team members all moving in the same direction is never an easy thing. How do we provide staff with the information they need to be successful?

  • What path should  be followed

    Defining efficient workflow is necessary to achieve efficiency and cleaning efficacy

  • What work should be done

    On Schedule, knowing what should be done when and verifying it was completed is vital to consistent service delivery.

  • How long should it take

    Keeping staff  moving as a team without  working hand in hand requires  keeping  things on time and in motion


The solution is to proved staff, supervision and clients with the detail they need in a format  that is easy to read and understand while  ensuring  consistent service delivery. C4 software’s Job Cards do this by providing  time bound workflows  and the associated  daily service requirements (tasks) to be performed. The Job Cards provide the path to follow, the  time to  be at each location on the path and the work to perform at each location.


Through the use of the Job Cards staff  are able to  provide consistent service  in an organized system. The cards function to keep all team members on task and on time throughout the  the delivery process.

Resulting in

  • Increased productivity
  • Decreased customer complaints

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