Visually capture spaceCapture at the speed of click

Determining the size of a space with point and click ease and CAD like accuracy is now Standard Operating Procedure.

The days of measuring wheels and rulers are long gone. The time consuming and often flawed processes of old have come of age in C4 Software.


Finding methods to not just capture facility cleanable square footage but capture in actually and then  in a format that is useful and shareable well that is  tall order.


C4 Software provides an easy to navigate user interface that allows the use of common graphics files to quickly and easily capture and categorize  facility data. Time spent using measuring wheels and rulers is greatly reduced and accuracy improved through the use of a visual interface allowing user to simply point and click to identify areas and determine size.


This results in accurate space inventories in reduced time. Improved job clarity through visual indicators and increased consistency from standardized capture methods.

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