Color coded workflow mapsColor coded workflow maps

Workflow map
The challenge of training new staff and ensuring those covering for open positions know where to go can be demanding on supervision and impact performance.

The visual guidance provided by the workflow maps can allow new staff and those  recently assigned to confidently move through assigned work with minimal downtime.


New staff and even experienced staff unfamiliar with the layout and usage patterns of a facility can struggle to provide service efficiently.

  • Rooms/areas in use

    Staff working late, evening meetings, call centers, night classes etc… can all interfere with efficient workflow.

  • Restricted access

    Today security is key, and arranging access times wit site security  to minimize wait times  is not just a convince it is a necessity

  • Optimize flow

    Not knowing the best way to reach a location  or the best pattern to follow  can diminish overall productivity. Small  losses of time can multiply into big problems


The solution is the use of color coded maps that included numeric guidance and resource icons. The color coding allows users to quickly identify the type of tasks to be performed while the clear numbering guides them along the most efficient route.  Resource icons provide  quick visuals to staff indicating such things as what doors to secure, lights to leave on, outlet locations etc….

This information allows staff to perform required tasks without feeling lost or confused and without the need to leave the  assigned work duties to seek out clarification from other staff or supervision.


Through the use of the color coded  workflow maps staff are able to achieve higher levels of productivity faster. Additionally misunderstandings are reduced due to the high level of clarity the  visuals provide

We have seen improvements of:

  • Reduced training time by 43%
  • Decreased rework by 50%
  • Lowered the risk missed areas by 95%

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