Work with multiple shifts/daysWorks the way you work

The challenge of adapting to the unique needs of  facilities can be addressed with C4 Software. C4 Software provides users with the tools they need to address environments that present  complex staffing demands

  • From a day a week to seven

    Today facilities operate on a wide range of schedules, from  one day per week to  seven
  • Multiple shift per day

    Meeting the needs of today rapidly changing and demanding environments requires flexibility and what is needed at 8am  is often not what is need at 10pm.

C4 Software provides users with he ability to  estimate and schedule work the way it needs to happen.

  • Name the day

    Not all  work takes place Mon-Fri, C4 software  provides the ability to adapt.

  • Set the time of service

The result is a system that  allows work to be estimated and scheduled as  it is needed and required to meet today’s challenging requirements.

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