Structured Approval Processkeeping people in the loop

For many organizations ensuring that all evolved parties have reviewed and signed off on a project is a vital task.

C4 Software provides the tools to provide for  developing a structured approval process based on organizational hierarchy. These sign off are captured and the  process does not proceed to the next step until sign offs  are completed.


The challenge of ensuring all  evolved parties of a project have reviewed and approved the of the  project and often be  difficult and time consuming.

  • Accurate data

    How do we know what version is being signed off on? As a project progress it changes and adapts various versions and often exist are we approving the correct one?

  • The correct people

    Who should be signing off on a project as in moves through the approval process?

  • Capturing approvals

    After a project has been approved questions often  arise who signed off, when was it signed off, what was signed off on


The solution would be to develop a structured system to  links the version of the project being approved, to a  set list of approves in a struct approval order that  must be  followed in order for the approval process to preceded. All this would be captured with time/date info reflecting  what was approved, when it was approved and by who right in the job file.


The result is a highly efficient approval process that also provides increased accountability.

What we have is:

  • A stepped approval process
  • Access to accurate data
  • Rapid distribution
  • Clear documentation

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