Real time informationData when you need it

The challenge is to provide users with the information they need quickly and  clearly. In the past calculating how  changes to scope impacted the  required service hours was a time consuming and often complex task, C4 Software makes these calculation seamlessly. Make a change and install see the result

  • Know how an increase or decrease in frequency may impact staffing requirements
  • See what a change in productivity will do to weekly required services hours
  • Quickly determine how best to service a facility to optimize cleanliness while maintaining budgetary efficiency


The Solution is to provide timely information with a minimum of user input. This can be done when information is interconnected and calculations are performed automatically

  • Data is related

    In C4 Software data is carefully categorized this allows for the ease manipulation of data to generate estimates as changes are made

  • Version history

    The use of version history allows users the ability to try different combinations and test possible  service strategies without risk of loss or corrupt data

  • Simple presentation

    Information is presented in a clean  usable format that is easily exported to excel or CSV

The result is access to the information you need when it is need with the confidence to know its correct. Calculations are based on real data not guesstimate, clients work with a professional organization driven by facts not fantasy.

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