Account Managementease of control

The challenge set custom  access levels, control user  privileges while maintaining ease of use .

  •  Limit  access to information

    Ensure that users have the information they need without access to information they do not.

  • Maintain Standards

    Define users that can set and/or modify corporate level details- Production rates

The solution is to define user rights based on system level limitations. While allowing control  that  grants access  to those that require it  without being cumbersome.

  • System level control

    Defined roles  allow select users to set  system wide standards  while limiting  individual users to make adjustments only to the job/facilities they have rights  to.

  • Job/Facility level access

    Access can be granted at a job level making it  quick and easy to bring in additional staff on a project or loop  in a team member for  assistance.

The result is a easy to manage system interface that allows the security and control need without the learning curve, restrictions and complexity  that burden rapid deployment.

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