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Take measure twice cut once to the next level..... C4 Software brings CAD like accuracy to determining cleaning square footage with point and click simplicity.

To be competitive takes accurate information. C4 Software has the tools to help your organization  find the information it needs for success utilizing commonly available  file types.


Organizations often struggle to find  standardized efficient methods to capture the information they require to efficiently and effectively estimate and service facilities.

  • Determining Total cleanable Square Footage

    Simply put how do you know how what it going to require to provide a service if you have no idea what is going to be serviced.

  • Properly classifying area types

    The difference in requirements between an exam room and an office, or between  a file storage area and a production space can be the difference in profit or loss.

  • Identifying  surfaces

    Selecting the correct equipment, determining the correct procedure….


The solution is a tool that provides users with an easy to use interface allowing for the rapid identification & documentation of  facility data. C4 Software provides this ability to capture facility information from commonly available  graphics files.

  • Work with JPG, PNG or PDF
  • Standardize area types for rapid classification


The result is  accurate estimates, highly efficient  service delivery systems, improved service consistency and happier customers.

By the numbers, the effort:

  • More competitive bids
  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced customer complaints
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