Advanced Team Cleaning Job Card

Advanced Team Cleaning Job Carddefine daily workflow in detail

The challenge of scheduling today's complex cleaning frequencies can lead to inefficiencies.

The clearly documented service schedule captured on the advanced job card provides management and staff with the information they need to ensure tasks are preformed where and when required.


Economic and environmental conditions can often lead to service frequencies that can be difficult to manage and maintain.

  • Reduced frequencies due to budgetary constrains

    From daily to every other day, 2x per week etc….

  • Seasonal concerns

    Winter vs summer  floor care frequencies

  • Use inconsistencies

    Increased or decreased flexuating by day driving inconsistent cleaning requirements


The solution is the ability to provide documented guidance of areas to be serviced by day, time and task. The C4 Advanced Job card allows for the routing  of areas and the associated tasks in detail ensuring nothing is left to interpretation or chance.

This removes the responsibility from staff to determine when they are going to deliver service and places it  with management. This allows staff to focus on delivering service rather than worrying about what service they should be delivering.


The use of the C4 Advanced Job card allows staff to ensures areas  are serviced and task performed without depending on anyone simply” remembering”.

Advanced Job Cards:

  • Routing by day/shift
  • Capture unique frequencies

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