Add custom tasks

Add custom tasksDesign for your environment

Each and every facility  presents a unique set of needs. Space utilization, occupant requirements, manufacture  care requirements etc… all can and do impact what services will be required. C4 Software  allows users to adapt to this easily by allowing for the addition of  user defined custom tasks and production rates.

The challenge is to allow user the ability to  create custom tasks that meet the  unique needs of the facility being serviced. Flexibility to adapt to differences in  selected  supplies. equipment, materials  and desired outcome required

  • Environment impacts taks

    As surface types change so do the  materials and process required to maintain them.

  • Cleaning levels define tasks

    The level of cleanliness required impacts the tasks to be performed and exam room requires different  consideration than an office

C4 Software provides users with the ability to create  any number of custom tasks and associate them  to one or many area types.

  • No limitation

    Users and organization can create an endless number  of  tasks and  define the  associated production rates to  define service  accurately not generically

The result is a completely customizable service delivery model. C4 Software provides  it users with the ability to create and reuse as necessary the task  that the organization actually uses.

  • Improve sales and operations and production planning:

    Estimates and bids have improved accuracy, operations has increased compliance….. What is being sold is what is being delivered


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