Adaptable routing

Adaptable routingflexibility to meet the need

The challenge of meeting the unique scheduling needs within facilities can be demanding on supervision and impact performance.

The flexibility provided by C4 software’s workflow routing interface allows for the creation and  documentation of  highly efficient schedules quickly and easily.


The demands of today challenging environments and budgetary restraints place  service delivery  on frequencies that are  uneven and often difficult for supervision and staff to track.

  • Multiple services

    Frequent  service to do high use / occupancy and for complance

  • Random patterns

    Tasks set to unusual or inconstant frequencies to  maintain budgetary responsibility or due to infrequent soiling/use


The solution is to provide the flexibility to  adapt to unique challenges while being able to  standardize the delivery of service to ensure constancy.  To clearly define what  day and time a service stated to be need 2x per week will be performed, and allow staff, supervision and  the client to all be working from the same page.


Through the use of a tightly integrated system users can visually build  service routs that allow them to  ensure all tasks required  for a given area are scheduled and assigned.

This provides:

  • Clear scheduling of tasks
  • Balanced daily work loads
  • Consistent service delivery

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