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Team Cleaning Implementation

Moving to a structured team cleaning system often is a source of great change for an organization. Reactions to such a change vary greatly from one group to another. Some view change as an opportunity, while others meet it with fear and resistance. The manner in which an organization perceives change is instrumental to the success or failure of any new method, procedure or policy. Change must be embraced. Little can be learned or accomplished when it is not. In fact, oftentimes a change that may have yielded positive and constructive results is derailed because of resistance.

Opposition to the transition to team cleaning often emerges on different levels, with each one voicing its own concerns. Many of these issues can be addressed quickly, even prevented. A successful transition should reflect the organization’s implementation plan. Developing a well-designed strategy begins with knowledge and resources. The more an organization understands what it wants to accomplish the more complete its transition plan will be.

Concepts4 offers the following support services to ensure a successful, comprehensive transition to team cleaning.


Concepts4™ offers a wide range of training opportunities for management and frontline personnel. Sessions are presented on site, in seminar format or provide utilizing web based instructional tools Internet-based.

Site/Task-specific support offerings

Concepts4™ uses client provided information to generate the necessary documentation for a successful transition. Including but not limited to:

  • specification design
  • work loading
  • creating job cards
  • generating color coded work-flow maps

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