The complexities of doing business today are extremely challenging. Travel, alone, presents special roadblocks for some. Budget constraints, security and other concerns make distant seminar locations problematic for many organizations. Concepts4 On Site Custom Seminars brings the key industry best practices to your organization.

You are able to expose more of your employees to the latest cleaning industry systems and technologies — in the comfort of your own facility. Focus the total interaction on your specific and unique needs. Useful information pays off with improved productivity, attitudes and quality standards. That is cost-effective. Concepts4 On Site Custom Seminars are not a luxury — they are a necessity.

Sample topics:

  • The Professional Custodian
  • The Science of Cleaning
  • Systems Thinking for Custodial Operations
  • If Dr. Edwards Deming Were a Cleaning Supervisor
  • Introduction to Team Cleaning®
  • Workloading for Team Cleaning® 101
  • High Performance Green Team Cleaning Systems
  • Managing the Daily Workflow
  • Systems Thinking as a Management Concept
  • The Importance of Quality Monitoring
  • The Management of Change