Workloading Service

Concepts4 offers our clients the ability to verify existing staffing levels or create a complete staffing structure for new or established service locations. All work loading services are performed utilizing high performance team cleaning systems and standards.  Work loading services are offered at several levels, to meet a variety of needs. Each level builds on the offerings of the previous, as summarized below.

Level One
Provided with a current floor plan, cleaning specification, and equipment list Concepts4 will determine the estimated daily hours and positions required to meet the cleaning specification.

Level Two
In addition to level one, Concepts4 will design a custom cleaning specification based on your service needs.

Level Three
Building on the previous levels Concepts4 will provide:

  • An equipment list for efficient quality results
  • Work flow and job cards by position
  • Recommended management structure

Level Four
Provides the offerings of Level 3, but a site visit is required. The site visit serves to insure a full understanding of the service location. This information includes the service needs, current staff (if any), type and frequency of usage, density, etc. This level of intimacy with the service location, allows Concepts4 to provide the most accurate estimates.

Range of Facility Types

Office Buildings
Colleges & Schools

illustrate the process

A sample of the steps are presented below

  1. Initial meeting to determine desired result (Teleconference)
  2. Concepts4 to determine what information will be required to perform the service and place the request for information
  3. Follow up meeting held with client and to discuss data supplied and ask related questions.
    1. Site visit will to be arranged (if required)
  4. Site visit takes place (if required)
  5. Concepts4 to develop initial work loading
  6. Meeting with client to discuss initial findings and ask relevant questions
  7. Fine tune of initial findings
  8. Final findings presented to client

The steps are for informational purposes, each service is evaluated, with the process adjusted to achieve the desired outcome.

Hours Summary

You can transform your service system by knowing what your capacities really are.

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